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Henry L. and Effie Osborn Letters Collection

at Hamline University Archives

After a many years transcribing project, the Hamline University Archives has debuted their blog featuring the letters exchanged between Henry and Effie Osborn, which will be posted on a regular basis near the month and day they were written, so they can be enjoyed in sequence.

Who was Henry L. Osborn, you ask? Professor Osborn was one of Hamline’s longest-tenured professors. Joining the faculty as professor of biology and geology in 1887, he later also taught art history courses. He was a popular teacher, Dean of the College, and twice temporary University President during times of crisis—in 1923 after Kerfoot stepped away, and again in in 1932 after Hughes was forced to resign.

Here’s a link to the Archives project blog:

If you’d like to learn more about Professor Osborn see:

Richard R. Marsh, “Interregnum at Hamline: The Year the Faculty Ran the School, 1932-33,” in Minnesota History Quarterly

And since we’re in the midst of WWI reminiscences, see also:
Henry Leslie Osborn, Hamline University in the World War

Here is a portrait of Henry and Effie in their home, 1599 Hewitt Avenue:

The Hamline University Archives contain a wealth of information about many subjects. Contact Archivist Candy Hart to learn more: